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Pediatric Physcial Therapy

Provide a Safe Place for Children to Enhance Their Skills

Physical therapy is not just for athletes and adults in recovery. There are times when children and babies need physical therapy, too. At Professional Rehab Associates, our pediatric physical therapy is given to children with injuries or delays in development because simple tasks can be a challenge for them.

What is a Pediatric Physical Therapist and What Do They Do?

A Pediatric Physical Therapist (PT) provides physical therapy to children under 18 years old. Pediatric PTs treat children for a variety of reasons such as sports-relates injuries, bone/muscle issues, or brain, spine, nerve, and genetic disorders.

Pediatric PTs help make everyday activities easier by helping kids improve their strength, movement patterns, and range of motion.

What Happens in a Physical Therapy Session?

Since the therapy session is for kids, Pediatric PTs make each session feel like the children are just playing. Fun and age-appropriate activities are provided to the kids to keep them motivated. Examples of activities given to children are running around to improve coordination, balancing on a beam, playing on exercise balls to increase strength, and standing on one foot. 

Therapy activities sometimes does not only end with the PT. There are times when PTs would provide activities for children to do at home. 

How to Know When a Child Needs Pediatric Physical Therapy

Parents should bring their children to a Pediatric PT when they are recovering from an injury, having delays in development, when they have genetic disorders such as Down Syndrome, muscle conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, muscle weakness or imbalance, and poor coordination.

A PT will provide tasks for children to determine their treatment plan.

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